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Sep. 1st, 2011

Eleven&River srsly

Stuff No One Cares About

Well, I watched the first half of season 6 of Doctor Who and had nothing to comment on it because I'm following Thumper's rule by not saying anything if I have nothing nice to say.

Then I went on vacation for two weeks.

Family! The drama that inevitably comes with visiting family for the first time in five years! Staying in a camper for two nights and barely being able to sleep! The beach! Seeing a freaking shark chilling around a pier! Watching a thunderstorm out over the sea! (Which was amazing. I took pictures.) Family again! Little cousins using you as a psudo-jungle gym! Going to see the other side of the family! Gambling with my grandfather's money and winning it all back! (He offered, and really, how could I turn the opportunity down? Wouldn’t have gone if I had to use my own cash, but he offered so...) Eating until you notice everyone has put on a few pounds in the past two days! Driving halfway across the country in 22 hours straight just because dad didn't want to stop in a hotel overnight on the way home!

All the while having a couple mouth ulcers (or something really painful) right at the back of my throat, making every day that much more memorable because of the excruciating pain!

Really, it was fantastic. Makes me wonder why on earth we still live out here in the middle of what wants to be a desert but has just enough greenery to not count even though it's frikkin hot oh my God.

Course everyone's been blanketed by this heat wave, so I shouldn't complain too much. But I will. Fall needs to get here now, kthx.

And then Doctor Who continued to be an amusing disappointment. Let's Kill Hitler, I think, swept the last of my sanity for this show away because I just laughed and laughed and laughed... Still not exactly sure what at. All I know is that I get minor hives at the mention of "time loops" I dunno. Weird stuff.

In order to keep my sanity, however, I have washed my brain clean via ABC's crime dramady Castle. Brilliant show. Honestly, as a writer, I love it because I can just sit and watch instead of constantly rewriting scenes, fixing dialogue, and generally being displeased with everything. Breath of fresh air, this show is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Note the caps.

Oh, and my nose is officially to the grindstone with my book.

So yeah, life’s been pretty nifty for a while.

Apr. 27th, 2011



 Sometimes I wonder why I even have an LJ. I never use it, lol.

Everything outside of fandom at the moment is boring, and yet fandom itself tends to be frightening so I don’t have much to talk about I suppose. I hid from the internet for two days after The Impossible Astronaut aired. It’s animal instinct; couldn’t help it. Actual watching of the episode didn’t happen until two days later also on the account that I’m more wary of Moffat than fandom. But I enjoyed the episode much more than I thought I would. Excellent usage of a hook, Moffat, but I've still got my eye on you...

Oh, and Moffat is such a troll. He is so laughing it up right now. Can’t blame the man (for that, alone) because I would be too at the excessive amount of panic and flailing happening. The theories about River and Amy especially really make me grin. I don’t know why anyone bothers, but, hey, that’s their spiel. I prefer to sit back and watch, and keep my ideas to myself. Such a hermit.

Since rl is boring and shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, other news is my recent and vicious bout of love for Tangled. Got it from Netflix a day or so after the DVD released, and I’ve watched it twelve times since then. And I don’t want to send it back until the DVD is in my hands. Idk it’s just I never really had a favorite Disney Princess. Belle usually took that spot just because, followed by Ariel and Jasmine, but Rapunzel stole the cake, the cake platter, and the table it was sitting on. She’s very much my Disney Princess. Also Pascal is amazing, second only to Morph from Treasure Planet. Just saying.

ALSO I got bit by the Star Wars bug. I’ve loved the movies and the Expanded Universe since I was nine, but at thirteen or fourteen I decided I was “too old” for such things and let it slide. Now I’m back, and the first bit of knowledge I discover is that my most favorite EU character died not too long ago. I’ve loved this character for ten years. Even if I haven’t been actively into SW, I still loved her.

I’ve been in mourning ever since. Like seriously depressed and aching mourning. And how she died pisses me off to no end. That’s really weird, all this over a fictional character, but c’mon. Ten years. I practically grew up with and looked up to this character. It hurts.


Mar. 31st, 2011

sunny ass kicking

this is a title

 So I spend one night avoiding the internet to read a book (it was a very good book) and I end up missing the S6 trailer premiere.


Funnily enough the trailer didn't initially excite me. Maybe it's because I've been immersing myself in methodically picking apart Moffat's writing and generally feeling irritable and cranky about his recycling style. Buuut, that aside:

-DAT MUSIC. If nothing else, I know I can count on Murray Gold to give us some great music.
-Eleven/River kiss is entirely meh for me. I WAIT TO SEE THE CONTEXT OF IT.
-WHY AM I SO HAPPY TO SEE ELEVEN ANGSTING MORE ABOUT THE TIME WAR. I mean, it's pretty much the only good thing about the THE/CB episodes of S5 so yeah. MAOR PLZ.
-wtf those dolls

Overall, my excitement level has grown. MUST HAVE MORE CAPS THEN.

Mar. 20th, 2011

Eleven&River srsly

classical weekend with lots of Doctors

In which Jenn's weekend involved Doctors Eleven, Three, Two, One, and Eight.

First of all, I would like to thank LJ for ERASING MY ENTIRE POST, YOU BASTARD. NOW I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. *opens Word Doc*

Summary of my feelings towards Space and Time:

Frowned at the recycled dialogue, Rory and skirt didn’t bother me, the idea of two Amys is whatever I don’t care. Eleven was…Eleven and dismissive as usual. Everything else was overdone. The “I know what to say because I saw myself say it” didn’t make sense during Time Crash, and it certain doesn’t make any sense now.

Unfortunately, after watching the trailer again, according to how Amy tells the Doctor he has to trust her, I suspect that a time loop will have a big role in S6.


A Christmas Carol was just as insanely…insane as the first time. Not sure if easily ignoring all the broken rules of time is a good thing. Maybe some Time Lord Victorious lingered. I’ve come to the conclusion that old!Kazran hugging young!Kasran (which was my bane of the special) is because the time lines are in flux and it’s a paradox anyway. IT’S NOT REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE ME FILLING IN THESE GAPING HOLES INSTEAD OF THE WRITER BUT YOU KNOW. Whatever.

Ah, The Three Doctors. It was more entertaining than it might have the right to be, horrible effects and useless companion and everything. Though Jo Grant did give the Doctors an idea how to escape, which is more than I was expecting so that was a plus. The blob monsters, though, I kept looking around the bottom of the costumes hoping to see a shoe poke out. It was great!

AND THEN I watched the 1996 movie. I now have love and adoration for the Eighth Doctor. IS IT THE HAIR OR HIS SOFT-SPOKEN VOICE OR HIS STUNNING BLUE EYES OR THE OUTFIT THAT STOLE MY HEART? Idk, I just love the Doctor, all the Doctors. Can’t help it.

The only thing was the Eye of Harmony and EVERYTHING having to do with the Master. None of that makes sense. Unless it’s something from Classic Who, idk. Still! Love the movie. Mostly for Eight. Seeing him then really puts the contrast to Nine into perspective. The transition is even more heartbreaking.


Oh, I also got boxed sets of 60 Classical music CDs Saturday. NOW I AM ~CULTURED AND REFINED~.

Mar. 6th, 2011

sunny ass kicking


So this Fandom March Madness? Omg, what even. XD

This is why I put my head in the sand when it comes to fandoms. It gets ugly. But whatever I find some humor in it, aside from the fact that I apparently had no problem voting Mal Reynolds instead of the Eleventh Doctor yesterday. LOL ELEVEN I USED TO BE SO GOOD TO YOU. (Actually, no, I wasn't. Fandom didn't appeal to me until Rose got trapped in the parallel universe. Oops!) If it'd had been Ten instead, the decision would have been much harder, maybe. Which in itself is funny because I spend so much time frustrated over how divided the DW fandom is over the Doctor's number when they're all the same man anyway.

Must be Moffat's fault, then.

Any excuse to use this.

The exchange of votes gets me the most. "Vote this person and I'll vote for these!" I'M SORRY BUT VOTING DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. Considering that, I can't believe Eleven (or anyone) actually won with the true support of their fans. BUT WHATEVER I'M NOT RUNNING THE SHOW SO LET ME COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.

I've only seen maybe six out of all those programs anyway, lol. IDC


Feb. 28th, 2011

Eleven&River srsly

my desk would be like a raven if it were black

- Lol, saw Burton's Alice in Wonderland again, started reading the book, and watching the SyFy version Alice from 2009. IDK I must be in a mad mood.

- What is this that now even saying "S6 of Doctor Who starts next month" still sounds obscenely long because, oh yeah, it's near the end of April? THIS IS ALL KINDS OF THINGS WRONG WITH THE WORLD. I have answers I would like to have on my screen, BBC. Delays don't bring a stronger sense of gratification.


- So you know that show 3rd Rock from the Sun? I love it. It's one of those childhood memories that makes an insane amount of sense now, and it's frikkin hilarious so there you go.

- We recently got rid of cable because our local network is a load of bullcrap. Not even basic cable; forget it. Once the parents were introduced to Netflix, well, good TV can now be had by all.

- It's interesting, getting into a fandom once it's ended, meaning RTD's era because Moffat's sometimes seems like a different show, more often than not. Most of the general ideas have already been done before, and you often wonder if tapping into that old well is really worth it. Does anyone really want to read anything else based off these certain events anymore? I realize that the D/R community, the people here, constantly keep that flame alive, but most of it seems to rest on a specific number of shoulders now. Certainly everything that could be said hasn't been said, nor would everything ever be said as long as each individual brings originality  to the same table. Still, it's a lofty subject

- Oh, and I have nothing to say about Call Girl. For now. Which I find distressing because this is the only season I'd have had the ability to express so many feelings about. And yet I have none, save bland interest. WHAT EVEN. The finale has better kick some major ass, 's all I'm sayin'.

Feb. 8th, 2011

sunny ass kicking

meanwhile, in Oklahoma....

I watch Being Human. The original UK version, not the American rip-off (don't hate on us too bad, guys, we haven't had original ideas in years).

Yeah, I know. Cut for possible spoilers for 3x03.Collapse )

-SNOW AGAIN. I don't even care, but everyone else does. The state's been panicked/shut down since last week because we usually average about 5-7 inches of snow each year. They just don't know how to handle over a foot of snow. Public schools have been closed for a week and two days now. I'm pretty sure they can all kiss their Spring Break good-bye because it's already happened/happening.

All in all, it's really funny watching everyone scramble to Wal-Mart to buy ALL THE BREADS AND MILKS AND WATER BOTTLES in order to survive.

-Movies! I've seen a couple movies lately, those being Tangled and The Social NetworkThe Social Network was surprisingly very interesting (and on a very shallow note, Andrew Garfield is obnoxiously cute). I watched a few snippets of a documentary about Facebook, so knew a good chunk of what went down with the settlement cases and could enjoy the movie more knowing they had the facts right. I just can't enjoy a movie based off something if I don't know the facts to tell what's right and what isn't.

Afterwards all I could think, to those of you familiar with earlgreytea68 's Chaosverse and professor_spork casting Andrew as Brem, was "LOL Brem at Harvard". It was all kinds of NERDY AWESOME.

Tangled was a COMPLETE AND UTTER JOYFUL ADDITION TO MY LIFE. I HAVE TO WATCH IT AGAIN. This is the kind of animated movies Disney needs to get back to producing. PURE GOLD.

-I'd really like to participate in the Secret Diary of a Call Girl comment ficathon, but 1. I'm all sorts of intimidated about writing Hannah/Belle. Maybe because she's based off an actual person and that weirds me out. Maybe it's just the character and her circumstances in general, idk. And 2. My idea bank made a huge deposit for a Doctor Who alt!verse that's developed into quite the monster. It's been there forever, and recently exploded. The sheer volume of freedom in Pete's World is brilliant and exactly the kind of playground I forever want to play in. THINKING OF WAYS THAT WORLD IS DIFFERENT IS LIKE GETTING A NEVER-ENDING SUPPLY OF FAVORITE CANDIES.  I have absolutely no control over my brain, I swear.

Question in point: How has this universe survived if it presumably has no Time Lords to fix things like Reaper infestations? I have an interesting solution, but I'd love to see anyone else's ideas. I won't steal them, I promise. I'll ask first, lol.

Feb. 3rd, 2011

Ten lolfaec

escaping boredom (not as lame as it sounds)

Well since all the cool kids are doing it.... XD Snagged from professor_spork. This actually took some time and thought. I'm a one-fandom-focus kind of gal, so trying to remember that I actually do like things other than Doctor Who was trying. And since it's just one character from each fandom, it was even harder.

List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined.

1. The Doctor, Doctor Who
2. Han Solo, Star Wars
3. Inara Serra, Firefly
4. Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Hanna Baxter, Secret Diary of a Call Girl
6. Giselle, Enchanted
7. Liadan, Sevenwaters series
8. Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter
9. Horatio Caine, CSI: Miami
10. Batman/Bruce Wayne, DC Comics/DC Animated Universe
11. Annie Sawyer, Being Human
12. Hamlet, Shakespeare plays
13. Toph Be Fong, Avatar: The Last Airbender
14. Belle, Disney's Beauty and the Beast
15. Himura Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin

THIS TOOK FOREVER. Longer than I expected. They're in no real order either. LOL I wonder if there are any connections here at all.

Feb. 1st, 2011

sunny ass kicking

snowed in and thinking many thoughts

I’ve been devouring "A Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter" today. This book is completely fascinating. Off and on reading has gotten me about to the middle of chapter three (gregariously title "Bastards", which I love) and, I wonder, is reading other people’s corresponding e-mails supposed to be this enthralling? Well, I suppose it would in some fashion no matter what. People are just interesting.

You would think, aw hell, that RTD. He’s a big-name writer now. He’s got his shit together, all his ducks in a row, while I, on the other hand, am complete crap and cannot write cohesive enough to string two words together or make deadlines because they scare me and life in general sucks really bad. Sometimes, and anyone would feel as such no matter the profession I suppose, we are so inclined as to believe we are the only person in the whole of creation with these so many feelings. Namely, I am the only writer in the universe who can spend an obscene amount of time actually avoiding what I love doing because of insecurities, etc, etc.

I cannot tell you how much I just laughed—at myself, mind you—at RTD’s almost pitiful monologues on missing deadlines and generally being very moody about his writing that I wholly understood.

I suppose it’d be a bit of a stretch to say (considering my small, pathetic track record) that my dream in life is to be an author. I don’t even care what, though I’m partial and have always loved Science Fiction. I just love the writing process. Maybe I should set myself deadlines to miss and panic about. It’s worked for me before. (To be fair to myself, I have two verses I’m working on, and a small number of other oneshot like things, and some original projects that are being neglected worse than the rest. What can I say? I like having things to think about. It’s why I can’t go to sleep before 2 in the morning.)

Theatrics aside (though never really out of mind) the latest conversation I’ve gotten to really struck a cord with me and made me actually write out my thoughts (which I’m horrible at and why my LJ posts are nonexistent [meaning I’ve meant to write a reaction post for Waters of Mars and End of Time but haven’t yet]). This “bastard” way of standing back and watching people react to situations as if fascinated by some research results? Good God I have done this my entire life! And this ramble comes full circle right back to just how fascinating people are.

And that I’m really, really loving this book. A lot.

Jan. 20th, 2011

sunny ass kicking

lol i suck at fandom

Have a late, late, late Merry Christmas and another late, late Happy New Year on me! Since I, you know, seemed to have forgotten I even had a Livejournal account.

LOL My life.

I had this whole meta sorta thing half-way planned yesterday to make for a brilliantly intelligent return for the new year, but ended up forgetting my ~plan~. It might or might not have had something to do with Mark Watches Doctor Who and how I'm quite conflicted about something he'd wrote about last week concerning Rose in AoS/RofC OR how many lawls were had after reading TSP comments. I'll just leave it at that.

Instead, I think I'll just say that I'm going to not be so much of a...hermit about the fandom. Awkward moments will most likely occur in the process.

First moment is now.

So have a meme! Snatched up from professor_spork .

Ask me a fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta. Whatever you want.

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